Hola, I am Jan ūüôā¬†

Everything is about balance, I look young, but I am an old soul.
My old soul brought me to writing.


Check out below:
1. About me
2. About my writings
3. About you





1. About me

Life is about living your dreams. Dreaming reality means that you are visualizing your dreams in such a vital, real way, that they just have to come true. When I was 12 years old, at night I laid in bed and listened to Juanes. I saw my grown-up self, living in Barcelona.
After 23 years in Bochum, Germany I fulfilled my dreamed reality and moved to Barcelona. First I finished my university, then I got a job, and now I am working to become a writer.

‘I dream reality.’

I can tell you two things from experience: living your dreams is the best thing in life; the second best and almost as good is working daily to achieve it.
Now, as I do both, I could not be happier or feel more fulfilled. For you, I wish the same! I would be thrilled if I could give you a helping hand to achieve that. (Check out the books and videos that inspired and helped me the most)
The majority of successful people who reached their dreams went earlier in their lives through difficulties, problems, hardships, and crises. These happenings may be financial problems, suffering from a disease, social pain through rejection or separation, the death of a loved one – and anything else that a person devastates.

‘When you are at the bottom, you just can go in one direction – up’

The divorce of my parents combined with the breakup with the girl I loved and being dropped by my best friend when I most needed him, made me feel miserable and as if everything that gave me stability got lost. I was alone. I was on my own – a lot.
But I found myself when the rest got lost and learned that only I can reach my dreams and that I have to take care of myself first.

¬†‘I found myself when the rest got lost.’

Feeling betrayed, feeling lost, feeling alone, feeling devastated – that was terrible. I will be honest with you: I drank a lot of alcohol and did some dumb shit. I treated people that I loved awful. I was hurt and hurt myself and the people around me.
In hindsight, however, going through all of that was the best that could happen to me. I was forced to spend time on my own what made me finding myself. I got more focused on myself and my dreams and started to work on them daily by reading, watching videos, listening to podcasts and doing online courses.

‘The worst that happens to you is often in hindsight the best.’

All my hardships and all the work to become the best person I can be, make the person I am now. I could have given you a biographical about me, but I don’t think that you are interested in the boring jobs I had in the past. (But if you are, no worries, I will send you my CV)
What I do want to add are the things that I love the most when I am not writing:
Having a workout at the gym, playing Basketball, reading books, watching YouTube, listening to Podcasts, but first and foremost having a value giving one-on-one conversation.
I would love to start one with you, so just hit me up via social media or email.

2. About my writings

I write about everything that is on my mind. And that usually is a lot.
Even though you will notice that my writings follow a theme: most of them are connected with society and humankind and shall give you a perspective on social topics. The writings base upon my personal experiences, my surroundings, and my observation.
Through some, I will tell you what I experienced the other day. These are non-fiction but may contain a slight touch of fiction.
Some are fiction including non-fiction experiences. All of them will carry a message for you to either do something or avoid something.
I write about the people around me. Some are close friends; some are complete strangers. I try to show their perspective and explain how they feel. Telling their stories might give you a perspective on peoples life you may not interact that often.
Through my writings, I am willing to share the wisdom and knowledge I earned through reading books, listening to podcasts and watching videos. (So be aware that sometimes quotes and recommendations will attack you)
The majority of my writings will be in English. I am no English native speaker that is why you may notice mistakes. Why don’t I choose the easy and safe way and write in German? First, because I write in the language, I feel to write. For blog posts and in general that often is English. Secondly, because English is the language, the majority of people can speak. In¬†English,¬†I can reach my family and the majority of my friends.
From time to time my writings will be in German, my mother language, or in Spanish, my favorite language. (Those writings I will explain in English via Video or Audio)

3. About you

Without you, all of this would not be possible. I highly appreciate and thank you from the bottom of my heart that you are using your time to show interest in me and my writings.
I feel honored that you accompany me on my journey to become a writer.
Thanks for being my compa√Īero.
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