Videos that inspired me.
Every single one changed my life.
I hope they do the same for you!





Gary Vaynerchuk: What to do after college

You should watch this rant from Gary Vee when you are struggling with the question ‘What to do after college?’ There are numberless opportunities out there. Probably you are overwhelmed? You are scared? No worries, after watching this you will have an idea in which direction you should go.
And even if you are not a student, you will earn perspective. You definitely should watch this video!
In our early twenties we sometimes may not know what to do with our lives, but at that stage, we have the opportunity to find it out, risk a lot, give our passion a try and live on the minimum doing so.
Gary says that this is the time you need to attack the life that you want to live. Why? Because you don’t have all the baggage. You usually aren’t married and you usually don’t have kids what means you usually don’t have promises.
His advice:

Go and travel and learn, go and start that business that you always wanted, hook up with those three teammates and start that band that you always wanted. This is the time to be massively risk oriented.

His final words can give all of you courage who do not know what to do:

If you are lucky enough o be graduating today with no fucking idea what you are gonna do with your future nobody has ever been luckier than you, please recognize it.


Gary’s video gave me the confidence to give my writing a try. His message is the reason you are here.

Mel Robbins: Why Motivation is garbage

I suppose you have a lot of knowledge.  Simultaneously I suppose you often know what you should do but then don’t act on your knowledge.
You know that staying up immediatly is healthy but anyway you hit the snooze button several times every morning?
When you watch this video you will gain life changing techniques and won’t snooze anymore.
The 5-second rule. Most of us want to change our lives. The desire to live a happier, more fulfilled life is inside of us. But often the knowledge-action gap traps us. We know what to do but we miss out to act on our knowledge. This video will show you a technique to conquer your own mind by counting 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. It sounds stupid, and it is, but it works and is proofed by science.
Which change will bring you making use of the 5-second rule?
Write me a mail! I am excited to hear about your changes 🙂
Through using the 5-second rule I stopped hitting the snooze button. A big game changer. My energy level rose and so my happiness.


Eric Thomas: Overcoming any Obstacle – I can, I will, I must

Sometimes life is just too much to handle. If this is the case, let this video give you motivation and power.
We all have hard times. They are a part of life. Sometimes everything is just too much to handle, it seems that we have no power left to keep going. But even then, we can turn darkness into light. We may have to push harder than ever before, we may have to fight with all our energy, but we can get through any obstacle. WE CAN, WE WILL, WE MUST.
This video always gave me hope, motivation, and power when I was desperate. During hard times it kept me going. I did not give in, I did not give up, I kept pushing and now I am at the place where I wanted to be. I am happy. It tranquilizes me to know that this video is out there. Hard times will come again, that is how life goes. Then I will come back to this video and watch it like I did many times during months of darkness.


Tai Lopez: Is your life heaven or hell? The chains of habit of your mind

Take a look at your life. Do you procrastinate? Do you have your habits in order? Are you living up to your full potential?
If not through this video you will learn the importance of habits and how they shape our lives.
My favorite quote

The chains of habits are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.

And another powerful quote

All the heavens and all the hells are inside of you.

I almost got a tattoo of chains. Even though I changed my mind, you can guess the impact this video had on me. Habits determine your health, your success, your happiness and your fulfillment. Following the right habits creates heaven on earth, following bad habits creates hell on earth. All the hells and all the heavens are inside of us. It’s up to you. Either you create heaven – or hell.


Jerome Jarre: Everything you were told is wrong

Time to watch?
Through this video, you will gain perspective on life and become happier.
Happiness does not come from our belongings. Happiness is inside of us. We should be grateful for the things we have and never forget how privileged we are.
The video reminds me to be grateful and happy with what I have. Every time I watch it, I gain perspective and my ‘problems’ disappear.


Simon Sinek: The Millennial Question

When you think you overuse social media, watch this video!
Simon Sinek made me aware that I am addicted to my smartphone and made me pay attention to its use. At once it showed me the beauty of a balance between using social media in a healthy way and experiencing all those little moments, that make the offline life precious.
The following words are an extract from the video.

We know that engagement with social media and our cell phones releases a chemical called dopamine. That is why when you get a text it feels good.
Dopamine is the exact same chemical that makes us feel good when we smoke, when we drink or when we gamble. In other words, it is highly, highly addictive.
Alcohol is not bad, too much alcohol is bad. Gambling is fun, too much of it is dangerous. There is nothing wrong with social media and cell phones. It´s the imbalance. If you are sitting at dinner with your friends and you are texting somebody who is not there, that’s a problem, that’s an addiction. If you wake up and check your phone before you say good morning to your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse you have an addiction.
If you don’t have the phone, you just kind of enjoy the world. And that is where ideas happen. With constant engagement, you don’t have ideas. Ideas come when our minds wander and when you see something and you think, I could do that, that’s called – innovation. With phone, we are taking away all those little moments.

Through watching Simon Sinek’s speech, I reduced the amount of time I am on social media. I am happier and more attentive. Every day I give myself cell phone free time. When I go out with friends I try to keep my cell phone in my pocket and focus on having a real conversation. When I work out and when I write my cell phone is put on flight mode. I am less addicted and live more in the moment.
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