What is life all about?

What is life all about?

Obviously a huge question… Discovering an all embracing answer will take a life time if we even will find one.

Thinking about the question is worth it, because what is life all about if we do not try to find it out?

Everybody who is willing to find an answer will reveal things about oneself and will learn from it – making his or her life richer.

For my part, I love spending time dealing with this question, and I am happy making progress, finding and defining micro step by micro step my personal answer to it.
My findings are nothing new, nothing special and nothing you will not have heard. It is the journey, your personal journey, that makes you find a deeper sense of things that seemed obvious.
After finding one little, tiny part of the answer to that enormous question you will find a deep feeling of love, happiness, and inner peace.
Those exact feelings I am feeling when I am thinking about last weekend when I spent time with Adrien Rossler the personification for one of the little, tiny parts of the answer I discovered.
I found out that life is about true friendship. True friendship to me is a relationship that grew over the years. True friendship is not just about spending happy times together – it is about experiencing hardship within the relationship and recovering from it.
True friendship is about being vulnerable by any means, talking about everything. True friendship exists when you experience a deep, strong, unbreakable bond between each other – and that you will just experience over time.
True friendship is when a friend becomes a brother.

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