We live in the best of all times

We live in the best of all times

Endless opportunities. The internet.

I stopped counting how many times the internet changed my life.

Through watching videos, listening to Podcasts and ordering Online Courses I learned more than I learned in School and University combined.

The internet taught me things about life, educated me on specific topics, changed my habits and my thinking.

Without the gained knowledge, without being inspired, I wouldn’t be the person I am now, I would not live my dreams, I would not be on the way I’m on. I surely would not write this.

The internet can bring friendship. (As I am explaining through my story ‘How are the odds? Coming soon)

The internet can bring love. (As I am explaining in the story ‘Love and other changes the internet brings’ coming soon)

The internet makes life easy.

We can connect with almost everybody on planet earth. Maintaining contact with friends and family while being thousands of kilometers away from each other is possible.

However, years ago, I was making use of the opportunities the internet gives us to slow our life down instead of enriching it.

Those days I played several Online Matches FIFA and Call of Duty, I was browsing through Facebook watching stupid videos, and most sadly I chatted with friends, who I just could have visited within a couple of minutes.

Back then I knew that I should use my time and the internet wiser. Now I am wiser and can answer the question why we often don’t do that, why we often not seek the endless opportunities the internet gives us.

One key factor plays the trap of the knowledge-action gap (I gained this knowledge through watching this video, you really should check that video out, it will change your life, I promise you!).

The knowledge-action gap bias explains the trick our mind plays on us when we hesitate to do something we know we should do, just to keep us away from incommodious, challenges, risk and effort.

One straightforward way to trick your mind into fooling you is the 5-second rule: counting from 5 to 1 backward. It sounds silly, but it works. (All about it is explained in this video you really, really should watch 😛 )

And apart from the internet? Do we live in the best of all times?

In my opinion: yes, we do!

And that by far!

Just look around you. Think of the things you take for granted, think of your warm bed, the shower you took, the food you ate. And now imagine back how people lived a few years ago.

As Daniel E Lieberman says: we all

“will live longer, […] and enjoy more comfort than most kings and queens of the past.”

The internet and all its opportunities are helping to make the best out of this comfortable and long life, to live our full potential, to achieve our dreams.

For me, this means that all of you can join me on my journey becoming an author.

I can share with you my experiences and try to spread some knowledge and maybe one day inspire someone.
Through my texts, I try to give something back.


I love you.

And all of you that read my texts,

I love you too.

Thanks for reading!

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