My Monday smile –  8 steps how to start loving Mondays

My Monday smile – 8 steps how to start loving Mondays

I did not like school; I hated it.
I was bored by 95 % of my subjects at 95 % of the time.
I started to hate Mondays.

Sunday evenings were the worst, the hours when the reality kicked in and I knew that I had to stand up tomorrow.

When I entered university, things got better. I recognized that I mainly did not like school because it was obligatory. On Monday Morning I had to get up and go to class, no matter what.

At Uni, I could set my alarm, see how I feel, and stay in bed.
Sometimes I went to the gym, or to go shopping instead of going to class. (I did that at school too, when I was old enough to sign the letter of excuse on my own. Sorry, Mom!)

Most of my life, I lived by the motto T.G.I.F. (Thank god its Friday). On Monday and Tuesday, I wished for Friday. On Wednesday I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, Thursday was good because I was very near to the finish line.

Now I am smiling every Monday Morning, being happy that the bit rest I gave myself on Sunday is over so that I can work and attack my dreams at full speed again during the new week.

How did I start to love Mondays?
It was a long journey.

I hope it won’t take you as long as it took me.

The following tips you can implement immediately.

1. Pick the one thing you love the most and do it on Monday evening

Whatever you love the most, do it on Monday evening.

Do the sport you enjoy the most, watch a film, spend time with friends and family, read, go to the cinemas, whatever you love doing, set an appointment with yourself or the people involved and do it on Monday evening.

Doing so you get up Monday Morning and have something to look forward to, a reward for work, uni, school or whatever it is that makes Mondays no fun.

2. Wake up early enough, so you don’t start your day in a hurry

I know it is hard to get up, especially on Monday morning, as you read, I suffered all Mondays during school.

But now I get up, and most important I get up on time to do everything my body needs to get started. Standing up early enough is crucial to the next step.

3. Do something you love before you leave the house

When you woke up early enough, and you aren’t in a rush, you will find those 20 minutes to watch an episode from your favorite series that will make you laugh.

You will find the time to check the highlights of last nights game, watch the Daily Vlog of the

YouTuber you like or read an article in the newspaper or on the web.

Starting the day that way makes a difference. But you won’t enjoy it when you are in a hurry. So get up earlier.

4. Change little things

It’s a cliché that little changes have a big impact.
In my experience, it is one of the most accurate clichés that exist.

I can smile on Monday Mornings because I go by bike instead of by metro.
I smile because I prepare a healthy and tasty breakfast, instead of skipping breakfast.
I smile because I spend my three minutes before work on the rooftop of the building I work in.

I smile on Monday Morning because I think of my Grandma and that just because I drink black tea with honey, which reminds me of my Grandma and our ten-day vacation, we spent two years ago.

Find those little things that give you relaxation and put a smile on your face.

5. Talk to someone you haven’t spoken to for a while

We all have persons in our lives who we love, adore, and want to spend time with, but often we either don’t have the time or don’t live near to each other.

Call on Monday afternoon one of these persons.

Talking to your Grandma, to that one friend that lives abroad, or to a friend you haven’t seen in a while, will make you feel good and smile.

But as you noticed, because you are clever, I wrote talk. That means picking up the phone and call or video call the person. (Video call is the s*#¬) Every time I don’t do it two-three days in a row, I asked myself why?

We ain’t living in 2008.

6. No motivation at all? Start watching T.G.I.M

I started to watch T.G.I.M. from Eric Thomas.

T.G.I.M. Stands for thank God it’s Monday.

You probably get it, the main message of the weekly videos is to be pumped up, to smile, to be happy, to party that we have the next Monday.

When I started watching the videos, I set the aim that I will one day scream Thank God it’s Monday with all of my heart.

Watching T.G.I.M. was the beginning of my journey.

I will link you here one of my favorite episodes.

7. Work on your dreams after work

When you are working at a job you don’t like, you have to work in your free time to one day have your dream job.

Your dream job is not coming to you, that’s not how dreams work.
If you hate your work and it is no temporary serving you to fulfill your dreams in the future, quit it!

Maybe not now, but soon! And switch it to something you like.

That may sound crazy, but I pass on to you a tip I once received.

When your work contains in selling washing machines, and you are not passionate about washing machines, try to change your job and sell the stuff you like, tennis shoes, books, candles whatever it may be.
When you work in a call center doing support IT support, and you are not into IT, maybe switch the firm and do support at a tourism firm.
When you are a teacher and teach kids in school, and you like teaching, but you hate kids, teach adults.

An awkward example, but I want that you get the point right, where this tip is going.
Change your work to an environment with things you like. Selling the stuff you like, makes way more fun than selling stuff you are interested in.

8. The last step: Be crazy

What do I mean by that?

Do stuff you usually don’t do on a Monday Morning.

Do 5 Push-ups.
Take a cold shower.
Sing in the cold shower.

Whatever it may be that makes Monday Morning, not your typical Monday Morning.

Be creative!

Thanks for reading!

I hope you enjoyed my text and that it may help you.

Consider sharing my text with someone who needs to read it, so that they might start loving Mondays.

Don’t forget to hit me up to tell me how your Monday went!

 And first and foremost: don’t forget to smile 🙂

P.S.: If you are desperate and not get motivated on Monday Mornings, go and watch this video by Gary Vaynerchuck (it may contain swear-words, and it may leave you a bit uncomfortable, just telling)

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